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28 March 2006

CRs Overrun by Hippies

Tonight, the UW College Republicans were overrun by hippies. The CRs organized a "Vote No Panel" to get the facts out there about the anti-troop referendum that the City of Madison is holding next week. The panel was moderated by Madison's favorite radio personality, Vicki McKenna and included three Iraqi War Veterans.

As the meeting got underway, about a half dozen "Stop War Now" folks came into the room. Their leader, Chris Dols, lead the way. Of course, the anti-war folks are attracted to any form of media available and with reporters from the Herald and the Cardinal on hand, they could not resist in making a scene.

Be it calling the panel and the CRs "cowards" or talking so much out of turn that the UW Police had to escort him out of the room, Chris Dols was his normal self. Yes Chris, we get it, your parents did not pay attention to you as a kid and now you need everyone to pay attention to everything you say. Well, guess what, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION. There were Iraq war veterans talking about what is happening over there and you could not keep you mouth shut for more than a minute. Shame on you!

Other than Dols, the rest of the hippies were pretty well behaved. The Vote NO panel did a great job in defending the Iraqi war and setting the record strait. The truth just hurts the anti-war folks so much that they don't want to listen.

They invited several of the veterans to a "public forum" to be held next week. As normal, any liberal forum includes 10 liberals, 1 conservative and a yelling crowd of folks who all agree with each other. It is to be held at library mall (sounds like a rally) and two of the veterans are going to participate. Odds are, they will be called baby killers and murderers.

The truth of the situation is simple: those that support this referendum are against the troops and don't understand what is happening over there. As the veterans said over and over again, if we pull out, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis will die in a horrible blood bath and the ba'athist regime will kill all of those that helped us thus far. Shame on you all!

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