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27 January 2006

Follow up: Herald gets the story wrong

One major line in the story is just wrong:

Healy, whom Davis described as “extremely apologetic” during Thursday’s meeting, said the Beacon believed and continues to believe its decision was well within its legal rights.

After talking to Jeff Healy, he said that he did not appologize about a thing and after the meeting Mr. Davis was upset with him. To apologize is to think you did something wrong and Jeff and the rest of the Beacon's leadership don't think they did anything wrong.

What the hopla is about: From the Beacon story.
They allegedly wrote insulting remarks on the whiteboard attached to Brian Roberts’ door in Ogg Hall. Roberts is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
Transgender liaison, which gives him free housing in Ogg.

The four allegedly tore down pictures of two men without shirts kissing and other pictures from the liaison’s public bulletin board. One or more of the men also allegedly spit on the door of the liaison. Altogether, the four face 17 felony charges.

Roberts wrote those who live near him after the incident, “I hope that events like last nights will not happen in our community ever again, but if they should, I will continue to confront them and hope that my fellow housemates will be there to back me up.”

Roberts e-mailed his floor about the incident and he is protrayed in a positive light. He did his job as an LGBT liaison and he put himself in harms way by comfronting the 4 individuals. The Beacon reported as such. The first amendment is a powerful ally and just because one doesn't like the Beacon doesn't mean they don't have a right to publish what they did. I don't like the Madison Observer (so much so that I won't even link to their website), but I have never said that anything they wrote was outside of their freedom of speech. There was no malicious intent and without such there is no need to bash the Beacon for reporting the facts.


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