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25 January 2006

Iraqis, Afghans, optimistic about Future....France not so much

In a new poll conducted by BBC, Iraqis and afghans are among the most optimistic about the future in the world.

Joining the Afghans and Iraqis in the optimistic category are Canadians who are bullish not only about their own finances (64 percent), but also about their country (63 percent).

In Afghanistan, 70 percent of respondents said their own circumstances are improving, and 57 percent said the country overall is on the way up. In Iraq, 65 percent believe their personal life is getting better, and 56 percent are upbeat about the country's economy, the BBC reported
I guess the ability to vote and the new freedoms that America made possible in Iraq and Afganistan has given those people hope for the future. Interestingly, according to the poll, France and Italy are some of the most pessimistic countries. Perhaps socialism doesn't make people feel all that optimistic. I am sure the MSM will bury these results in the coming days. For them, any news is good news...but good news doesn't exist.


Blogger the Rising Jurist said...

Well, when you actually live in a tyrannical dictatorship (as opposed to just thinking you do, like the rabid lefties), you probably appreciate being freed of it.

Thu Jan 26, 09:10:00 AM CST

Anonymous Frank H said...

Bob, I don't think "socialism" has much of anything to do with the French/Italian pessimism. I would say that it has almost everything to do with uncertainty about the nature of those countries' future relationships with the EU. The EU Constitution may be dead, but what does this mean now? Lots of Europeans are worried about losing sovereignty to organinations like the EU. Also, at least in the case of Italy, citizens have reason to be pessimistic about their government. Silvio Berlusconi has proven to be pretty unsavory and ethically dubious.

Thu Jan 26, 04:39:00 PM CST

Anonymous frank said...

In other words let's not be to hard on the French...:)

Thu Jan 26, 04:40:00 PM CST


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