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26 January 2006

The National Review is coming to Madison....kind of

Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large of National Review Online will be visiting Madison next week Wednesday. He will be discussing the lies spun by the MSM concerning Hurricane Katrina and other interesting topics.

He will be in 1100 Grainger Hall at 7:00pm on Wednesday Feb 1, 2006.

So read up on his blog. This event is open to everyone. So I hope liberals show up to get an education.

From his last post:
A wave of pious indignation and table-thumping has spread across the nation's editorial pages over the freedom to search for Internet porn. Don't get me wrong: I think you do have the right to search for porn. But it is interesting to see what gets people's First Amendment gag reflex going. The Baltimore Sun, for example, warns that a "witch-hunt" for search-engine abusers might be around the corner if Google cooperates with the government.


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