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27 January 2006

The Beacon Stands up for the Truth - Herald beats up on the little guy

The Badger Herald has resorted yet again to attacking the Mendota Beacon in a negative light. The Beacon published a photo and the name of the alleged victim in the "hate crime" committed in December. Even though this individual sent out an e-mail to his floor IDing him as such, some believe his identity should be protected.

From the Herald story:

Perhaps most troubling to UW, Davis said, is what he called the questionable motives Anderson had for exposing the liaison's identity.

I can say without a doubt that Grant as no biases against this individual and the only reason he wanted to publish it is because it is the truth. That is the goal of journalism, isn't it.

But there is no law that stops an independent newspaper from publishing a photo. The story the Beacon ran was positive as well. In my opinion (for disclosure, I used to be the Managing Editor of the Beacon) the story the Beacon ran was fair and objective. It portrayed the "victim" almost as a hero. Running after these bigots even in the face of a personal threat.

From my time working with the Beacon and with the Jeff and Jenna, I can tell you that it is totally unafraid. Do your worst Main Stream Media, because Madison's finest citizen journalism is going to continue to spread the truth.

By the way, perhaps the Herald should write a positive piece about the Beacon for once. I doubt that will ever happen though, because when you see the Beacon, they see themselves 35 years ago. I know two members of the inagural Herald staff, one is my landlord, the other works up at the Capitol, they both worked for the paper in 1969. Both of them have supported the Beacon, just shaking their head when they read the Herald. What a shame.

Update: With such disrespect towards the Beacon, it is interesting that three opinion columnists currently employed by the Herald are alumni of the "openly conservative" newspaper. They hire Beaconites but won't speak favorably about the Beacon.

Update 2: Now Beacons are disappearing from across the campus. I love free speech in Madison! The Herald will probably write a story about how the Beacons take up too much space on the newsracks and how the liberals are justified in destroying the paper. HT: Jenna I am, of course, not accusing the Herald of stealing the papers.

Update 3: I am indeed towing the Beacon line.


Anonymous nathan jung said...

I've gotta say, thanks for calling a spade a spade and calling the perpetrators what they are. Suits you much better than strict herald-bashing.

I haven't read the Beacon article, but if they had a legitimate journalistic purpose in printing his photo and name, then I'd say they're perfectly right in publishing it. Could the story have held up without this potentially damaging information? If it wasn't essential, I don't see an abstract devotion to 'truth' as justification for the victim's exposure.

Fri Jan 27, 12:40:00 PM CST

Anonymous nathan jung said...

They have the right to publish whatever they want, by the way. The above considerations are just that...considerations to be ultimately made by the paper's editors.

Fri Jan 27, 12:44:00 PM CST

Blogger RT the LT said...

Thanks for the support. If you do read the Beacon article, you would see that their was no malicious intent on behalf of the Beacon. To add on to what Nathan said, the Beacon has a first Amendment right to publish this imformation. The Beacon reported the person that called in the information to the police.

Fri Jan 27, 12:50:00 PM CST

Anonymous nathan jung said...

Yes, yes...but that still doesn't explain why they felt the need to publish it. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I can't imagine what relevance printing both the victim's name and picture might just doesn't seem relevant, and could have harmful consequences for the individual invovled. Now, could the story as printed have stood on its own two feet sans this information? If so, I think the editors should've made a decision to let him retain his anonymity.

Sat Jan 28, 01:33:00 PM CST


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