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17 January 2006

Where is the outrage?

What if: November 2, 2004. Election Day. 5 GOP activists, including the son of Mark Green, go out and slash the tires of twenty-some Democrat vans that were to be used to transport poor inner city elderly to the polling sites to vote for Kerry/Edwards. What would the consequences be?

My prediction is Jesse Jackson and his crew would be up here in hours protesting the GOPs racist roots. AARP would send out a statement condemning the attack on the elderly. The "progressives" would protest outside GOP headquarters across the state. If GW Bush won Wisconsin, every paper in the state would question the results. Reporters would ask Mark Green about his connection to the incident. A crime was committed, hundreds, maybe thousands of voters without transportation couldn't vote, thanks to the attacks.

It happened slightly differently: The Democrats attacked Republican vans. Over 25 vans to be used by Republicans to transport poor and elderly voters to the polls couldn't do their job on election day. What were the consequences? No protests, few editorials, it was forgotten in a couple of days. Only Charlie Sykes and some other radio personalities brought it up, but to most, it disappeared.
The picture above is Democrat Representative Gwen Moore and her son Sowande Omokunde, who is charged with cutting dozens of Republican vehicles on election day. If that was a Republican Congressman, the MSM would be asking her to step down from her position of trust and honor, wondering how far the apple falls for the tree. But because it is a Democrat, no one asks questions, few care.

A weak editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal say that the Democratic Culprits should have "the book" thrown at them. If they were Republicans, the SJ would be asking for their head.

Where is the outrage?


Blogger the Rising Jurist said...

I always got a kick out of the fact that, even in a town that is certain of its liberal identity, people still felt the need to resort to this sort of silliness. It shows a real weakness of conviction.

And I agree with you. As with so many things, similar actions by the right would have been met with loud and ceaseless criticism.

Wed Jan 18, 02:22:00 PM CST

Blogger Bill said...

You mean kind of like how the UW-Madison College Republicans intentionally misled students into voting at the wrong polling place, with the Dave Magnum campaign?

Or how Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush illegally scrubbed over 100,000 primarily African American voters from the voting rolls prior to the 2000 election, to rig it for Bush? Now THATS something which the corporate media never talked about, and its very well documented. Read "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" by Greg Palast

And don't forget how the Ohio Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell (who was also the Ohio chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign) intentionally subverted the recount requested by the Libertarian and Green Parties.

Or that the CEO of Diabold Corporation personally promised to deliver Ohio to Bush. Is it any wonder that there is no paper trail on those voting machines?

You are in no position to be complaining about electoral fraud, Bob. The Republicans are BY FAR the worst offenders when it come to that.

Thu Jan 19, 01:05:00 PM CST


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