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17 January 2006

Radical Referendum Retracted

Mac over at the Right Side of the Road reports that the radical anti-war referendum will not be on the ballots in Monona. It seems as though the anti-war folks didn't do their homework and forgot to include some important verbiage in the language of the referendum.

Mac asks a valid question:

Do the radical activists of Monona really think that the Oval Office and Pentagon are looking to them for advice on how to handle the war in Iraq? Well, the wise people of Monona think that our expertise is misplaced. Let's call the French, borrow a white flag and give Cindy Sheehan the Congressional Medal of Honor!

I will give them this, the radical left is sly. No matter what happens on these referendums, they can claim victory. Even if they lose every single referendum, they will say that the fact of having their referendum on the ballot is making it appear that the radical left is in the mainstream, even though they could not be farther from moderate.

My question is what message are these referendums sending to our soldiers that are fighting in Iraq? This proves once again how the anti-war left is noblatantly anti-troop as well. As my old neighbor Adam May leaves for duty in Iraq, I am disgusted in these referendums. What purpose do these referendums have except in telling our soldiers, telling my friends fighting in Iraq, that the folks at home don't approve of their mission and therefore don't appreciate their sacrifice in time, blood, and sweat.



Anonymous nathan jung said...

Dude, equating anti-war activity with anti-troop sentiment is not only logically unstable, it's also disrespectful of your fellow citizens and about as cliched an argument as one can cough out. You know the obvious retort to your statement, and I'd love to see you defend it in the presence of a military family who simply don't agree with your views on Iraq. Furthermore, what's so bad about a referendum? Nobody expects Monona's efforts to change national policy...that's totally besides the point, something which would appear obvious. The point is that many people are frustrated by a (you have to admit) contentious conflict and wish to have their voices heard, even if it amounts to nothing. I personally don't mind an active citizenry, but then again, I've read the constitution and find myself alright with the democratic process. But, of course, utilizing enshrined American rights to protest something means you hate troops. Right.

Fri Jan 20, 12:47:00 PM CST


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