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29 November 2005

Jim Doyle's Approval Rating Drops Again

The latest Gubernatorial tracking polls are out and Jim Doyle is in big trouble. Jim Doyle is the 37th most popular governor in the nation (out of fifty for the dems reading the blog). His approval rating is 45 percent and his disapproval rating is 49 percent. Jim hasn't seen the bright side of 50 percent since the poll began back in May.

Hey Jimbo, here is some advice for you. Stop vetoing good legislation and sign some bills into law and your approval rating may go up.

imagine what will happen when the special interest ads and the 2006 election cycle gets going!


Blogger Bill said...


Check out my parody of Jim Doyle on
The Facebook. He used to be married to John D Wiley, until they disabled the Wiley account after we embarrassed Wiley in front of the whole student body for his backwards stances.

Wed Nov 30, 03:39:00 AM CST

Blogger RT the LT said...

Well, we have to disagree that Jim Doyle is conservative. He has raised taxes, added programs, and raised tuition (something Tommy stayed away from). He has also vetoed some very important legislation that any conservative would sign in a minute. But I will agree that he has to go and there are many many better people for the job!

Do me a huge favor, next year, when the College Democrats on campus forget about the huge tuition hikes and the "regressive politics" of Jim Doyle, please don't be silent. He will make the SAME promises every dem makes (lower tuition, raise tax credits for poor families, etc, etc) and then forget about them when he gets elected. WHY? Because liberals follow democrats like SHEEP! How much did tuition go up under Tommy T in 16 years compared to Jimbo?

Good profile Bill, but it won't stop the ignorence of your friends on the left!

Green or Walker 2006!

Wed Nov 30, 08:12:00 AM CST

Blogger Bill said...


Legislation that any conservative would sign in a minute...? You must be talking about things like their attempt to block local control, by a proposal to ban municipal minimum wage ordinances, or the recent attempt to rescind the collective bargaining rights of the TAA -- which is a human right by the Geneva Conventions -- the right to free association. Or perhaps you are thinking of your beloved capitalists: Wisconsin Manufactuer and Commerce, who looted the state budget for more than $1 Billion last year.

Tommy Thompson certainly raised tuition, perhaps not at the rate Doyle has (which Doyle has also recieved help from John Guard in doing) Scroll down to "Students Lose with Doyle's Budget" and click on the "read more" link.
It has the stats regarding Tommy Thompson vs Doyle. That article was written as a prelude to the hunger strike last spring (which I was part of) in which several members of the College Republicans showed up to do an "eat-in."

And I'm glad you like my profile. I'm afraid it won't stop the igorance of people who vote for politicians, thinking that their interests are being looked after by political parties or the goverment. The only interest that the Republicans and Democrats look after is money.

I fail to see why you think Mark Green or Scott Walker would be fundamentally any different than Jim Doyle. Please explain. I'm interested to hear.

Thu Dec 01, 05:07:00 PM CST

Blogger Reif said...


That minimum wage thing was all Doyle's idea and local control...that's a benefit that majority parties don't have.

There is only one political law:


One of the top rules is, parties in power of a given branch of government tend to try to increase that power. Party affiliation doesn't matter. Whoever is in power will try to grasp more power. That's why "local control" is the rallying cry of the loser.

Otherwise you're right. Doyle is a big liberal but he's a Machiavellian and seeks to stay in power so he cuts off the heads of other liberals like Keg Lagerschlager when it suits him and generally sells out his principles all the time because he thinks that it will help save his sellout butt come election time. Likewise, Walker and Green are good Conservatives but they're not Machiavellians. If either of them get elected they’re going to play it down the middle like Clinton or Tommy but neither will be as successful.

Thu Dec 01, 08:32:00 PM CST

Blogger Bill said...


The bill to ban Municipal Minimum Wages (AB 49) was NOT proposed by Doyle, it was an illegal deal that Doyle cut with Gard and Schultz (Republican leadership) that he would sign their bill on the condition that they would let the minimum-wage increase out of committee so he could sign it as well. The whole scheme contitutes political log-rolling, which is a Class I Felony.

Here's some more information about it -

Thu Dec 01, 11:20:00 PM CST


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