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20 January 2006

Misdemeanors for the four tire slashers

Wow, justice has no place in Milwaukee where the four Democratic tire slashers got off without pleading guilty! From JS Online:
The plea agreements came in the middle of jury deliberations after an eight-day
trial on felony property damage charges that carried potential 3 1/2 year prison terms upon conviction. The fifth defendant in the case was acquitted by the jury later in the afternoon.

Michael Pratt, 33, Sowande Omokunde, 26, Lewis G. Caldwell, 29, and Lavelle Mohammad, 36, have all pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property. Omokunde is Moore's son. Prosecutors will recommend probation sentences as part of the deal, and that the four together pay $5,317 in restitution for the damaged tires.

The surprise resolution was offered by prosecutors at 2 p.m., nearly 7 hours into deliberations and an hour after a jury note complained of an impasse.

First, this plea bargain is a joke. They get probation and only have to pay for damages. THESE MEN PREVENTED PEOPLE FROM VOTING.

Second, the only argument that the tireslashers high-paid lawyers came up with is that this was a Democratic Conspiracy to disrupt Bush Election Operations across the US and that out-of-state political professionals were responsible.

Defense attorneys contend that the out-of-state political professionals might be responsible for damaging the vehicles on several possible fronts, including: whipping up the state's political fervor beyond normal levels, possibly carrying out the tire-slashings themselves and concocting circumstantial evidence to cast suspicion on the local men.

If this is the case, that out-of-state political professonals were behind the election tampering, then the defense should have been forced to show evidence of this, not just bold conjecture.

Third, the Milwaukee DAs office must have done a horrible job in presenting the case and evidence to not get a felony conviction. These men did not even plead guilty in the end and it will become presidence for simular actions in 10 months.

As I stated before, if a REPUBLICAN would have done this to a DEMOCRAT, they would be in jail and if they weren't, there would be protests right now in Milwaukee.

Today is a sad day for Justice.


Blogger the Rising Jurist said...

Yeah it's a shame they couldn't hit them with a felony conviction so they would be unable to vote.

Sun Jan 22, 12:14:00 PM CST

Anonymous Tom said...

So why isn't this a hate crime with an enhansor making it a felony with many years in jail? I mean, they obviously hate Republicans enough to try and stop them from is this not worse than the alleged incident in ogg thats been in the news? They are looking at 3 years in jail and $10,000 in fines.

Sun Jan 22, 03:22:00 PM CST


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