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31 March 2006

A new "Student Government" is born

It was quite a scene earlier this evening as about 30 students met in the Rathskeller to mark their departure from the Associated Students of Madison once and for all. This comes a day after ASM once again screwed up an election.

The group of people at the front of the room where from all corners of the political spectrum, but most where in the middle. They had enough with the incompetence of ASM and demanded reform. Their plan is to form their own government (cleverly named "The Student Government").

Some quotes from the meeting:

“We are going to bring students in and involve them in the process.”

“There is no binding agreement that makes them the student government.”

“A Group that is not to the left and not to the right…some were involved in ASM, some were not”

Steve S.:
“ASM is massively inefficient, its an staggeringly unworkable system, its bloated, and reform efforts over the past 20 years have failed. Things must proceed in a new direction. The new direction is Student Government capital S and capital G.”

This is going to be one of the most interesting student government stories in many years. Here we have a group of young students setting up their own government and claiming that they deserve the same rights as ASM. When it comes to a city as crazy as Madison, is it really so hard to accept two student governments at the same campus? It is very true that ASM has become beholden to special interests and their entire purpose now is to fund certain groups and propagate certain beliefs. For many years, many have tried to improve student government and to make it more transparent to all, but, even when in the majority, the structure of the government has made it almost impossible to represent STUDENTS, not just a few ORGANIZATIONS.

That has to change and the Student Government (the new organization) has a great chance to do that. If the old system is broken and it is impossible to fix it, you just have to throw it out and start over. Here at Madison, one of the most progressive places in the country, we should want to experiment and create a NEW government. One that represents STUDENTS and their interests and protects their tuition and pocketbooks, not one that is concerned about a few ORGANIZATIONS and paying stipends. The same campus that created the “Wisconsin Idea” to government currently has one that is by in far inept.

This should be a good one to follow for everyone. I will be sure to update this blog whenever some thing new comes down the pipe.

Tomorrow they are meeting with Laurie Berquam (a representative of the Chancellors office) to discuss the new government. This should be interesting.

For audio from one of the leaders of the separatist movement, visit The Slanty Shanty.

Tomorrow expect:
An objective piece in the Daily Cardinal and the Badger Herald and an Opinion piece in the Herald. As well as a follow-up concerning the Laurie Berquam meeting.

As the "Madison Freedom Fighter" I live for stuff like this. So check back here FIRST for any late breaking news concerning this story. (LIB may be a bit faster in breaking the news as Steve is a leader in the Student Government)


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