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23 January 2006

The Ship is Sinking

Brad V. over at LIB wrote a great editorial for the Herald. Yes, the same newspaper I slammed last night does have SOME good opinion writers. In his piece, Brad likens the Seg Fee system to a sinking boat.
Change is essential to keeping this rickety ASM rowboat of state afloat. Fixing the hull we have is essential, since obtaining a new ship altogether — a different fee system — seems unlikely in the near future. Posting all budgetary information related to segregated fee budgets — itemized group requests, finalized allocations and past budgets — is a good first step towards a keel-haul of our student government, one that will get the leaks above the waterline so that they might be fixed.

I disagree with Mr. Vogel on one main point. I say we just let the ship sink, go treasure diving for the left over seg fees, and start over with a more sturdy ship where students have a choice of where their student taxes go. These rowboats have been for far too long the vessel of choice for only a small number of students, while the rest of the masses have been land locked with no means of excape. These students, mostly members of liberal organizations, are like Pirates, they steal from the average student for the betterment of their own life. This system has to be corrected.


Blogger Brad V said...

Way to roll with the metaphor. As you well know, I'd be the first to put the ship in the middle of what's left of Bikini Atoll and test a nuke on it. :)

Mon Jan 23, 02:40:00 PM CST

Blogger RT the LT said...

lol. I agree. But we have to be proactive about it. Let's lure the ship into Lake Mendota and use the Cow Sailboat to ram it.

Mon Jan 23, 03:30:00 PM CST


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