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02 November 2005

Early Media Returns show Victory for Conservatives at Madison

It is almost midnight and the reports about our rally we have gotten from the MSM have been very favorable.

NBC 15 has this story:

Supporters gathered today to thank the troops serving overseas, while opponents of the war gathered to say it's time to bring American soldiers home.

About 30 UW Madison student members of the College Republicans rallied in support of the troops near University Square downtown.Those in attendance say
they came together to show their backing of the war and the President's promise
to help rebuild Iraq.

"We believe in the concept that we have to be pro-victory in this country on the war on terror, says Robert Thelen. Currently we have about 130,000 troops in Iraq, and we want to make sure the President follows through on his promise to stay the course in Iraq."

Thelen says he and other supporters worries that pulling out the troops prematurely would cause thousands to lose their lives.Ralliers also thanked military recruiters for their work by dropping off thank you cards to ROTC officials at their recruiting office in University Square.

The piece then goes into the liberal perspective, but the point is that the conservatives got the lead in the story. We were on equal ground for once. The media, instead of playing us off as the reactors (which we were not), we were equal to their rally.

The ABC story was not as balanced, but it is still pretty good for the MSM:
Bob Thelen/College Republican says, "If they're for the troops why are they against them on our campus." Robert Gerndt/Against War says, "I'm a retiree of the Air Force, so I'm very much in support of the troops, but that doesn't mean you have to support Bush." And it wasn't just a message against the President and the war. Genis/Against War says, "Let the military recruiters know they're not welcome on campus." Thelen/Support Troops says, 'It's interesting that these people that preach tolerance here are intolerant of recruiters and ROTC's cadets on this campus
It was balanced about 30-70 in favor of the anti-war folks, but that is nothing new with the MSM. Overall though, we struck back against these folks and made sure another side to the story is heard.

What is disturbing though, is that the college republicans on this campus pulled theweightght. We had more students than the Anti-victory folks, but they beat us with the arrival of the 40-year-old-plus crowd (by some estimates, over 70 percent were '70s era hippies). Where were all of the pro-victory middle age folks? The truth of the matter is, the College Republicans in Madison have been more active than the Republican Party in this area.

For the first time ever, the youth are the heart of the conservative movement. This must scare the hell out of liberals.

Let's see what the Captimes and the WSJ writes about us tomorrow!


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