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02 November 2005

Pro-Victory Rally was a success

Update: LIB has some great photos of the rally!
Jenna has some good points about the rally as well.

Today, the war on crazy liberalism had yet another victory here at UW-Madison. The socialists and anti-America folks here have been planning a "huge anti-war walk out" for a couple of months now. As I reported in a previous post, the rhetoric was blatantly anti-troop and anti-ROTC. Of course, all of the freedom fighters on this campus could not stand for that.

First, we presented the Army Recruiter at University Square a large thank-you card signed by all of the College Republicans. Talk about being in enemy territory, this guy is surrounded by people that hate him. When he came to the door, we was very happy. He even gave us all water bottles!

Then, we sang some patriotic songs and moved to the pedestrian bridge over University Ave. We did some standard flag waving and cheering. It was a lot of fun.

When our reckon team got back and told us the pathetic numbers of the opposition (under 150 total, most of which were over 40 years of age!). We decided to meet the enemy head on. We marched over there chanting "We support the troops" and "Until the job is done". Of course the hippies were a little taken back by the fact that there are other people out there that do not agree with them. Following a couple more songs and chants, we did some press interviews, had a press conference, and called it a day.

These anti-war folks just don't get it. Out of a University of 40,000, they got 35 people to walk out. Out of a city of over 150,000, they got 150 people to a rally. There is a silent majority out there that is getting louder every day.

The sad truth of the matter is, most of those people want another Vietnam; they want America to lose this war. The good news is, they are going to back a green against Kohl. As one speaker said, they are "done riding the Donkey". That is good news for the Repubs!

Today, the pro-victory movement had yet another victory in America. Watch the news tonight and read the papers tomorrow to see how the MSM handles this. My guess is we will get 30-70 coverage.


Blogger Uncle Jimbo said...

Good show today Bob,

The patchouli crowd was weak and it was fun to see you guys showing them up.


Uncle J

Wed Nov 02, 08:39:00 PM CST

Blogger RT the LT said...

Thanks. It was pretty pathetic on their side. They started talking about this rally for months. They were predicting thousands of Madison residents walking out of work and marching down the street. What they got were 90 unemployed hippies and a couple dozen students showing up. The best part was that went the Students "walked out", class was over already. (most classes go from 11-11:50; they walked out at noon). All I can do is shake my head and laugh.

Wed Nov 02, 08:46:00 PM CST

Blogger Mark Murphy said...

I think making some distinction between lefties, liberals, hippies, et al. would do your blog some good.

Wed Nov 02, 11:27:00 PM CST

Anonymous Ryan S said...

Mark makes a good point. You could do a post where you define the terms lefty, liberal, hippie, et al.

Thu Nov 03, 12:10:00 AM CST

Blogger RT the LT said...

Mark: Here are the definitions:

Lefty: Someone left of center in Madison (which is saying something)

Liberal: Someone who doesn't know what is best for them so they ask the government to help them in every aspect of their life.

Hippy: They wish it was 1967. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. They start the day with a little protest, smoke some pot, and then go to the coffee shop to discuss the protest and how the "man" is keeping them down.

Hope that helps


Thu Nov 03, 01:03:00 AM CST

Anonymous Mike said...

Just because they only got 150 people to come to a rally that, I assume, was to pull the troops out of Iraq NOW doesn't mean that there's a silent majority in favor of the war. I know there is a somewhat silent portion of the population that still thinks that we're doing a good job in Iraq, but, according to recent poll numbers, approx. 50% of the country is not supportive of the Iraq war and becoming more vocal about it.

From a recent CBS News poll:


Right thing
Now 42%
10/2005 41%
9/2005 44%

Should have stayed out
Now 50%
10/2005 55%
9/2005 50%

64 percent say the result of the war with Iraq wasn't worth the loss of American life and the war's other costs; 31 percent think it was.


Now 31%
10/2005 32%

Now 64%
10/2005 64%

Moreover, Americans do not think U.S. efforts to bring stability and order to Iraq are going well. 57 percent think things are going badly for the U.S. in Iraq right now, while 40 percent say things are going well for the U.S.

And you might be right that the majority of those protesting were lefty madison hippies, but that doesn't mean that everyone who doesn't think the Iraq war was a good idea is like them. You descriptions of lefty and hippie may be fairly accurate, but I'm offended by your use of "liberal". I wouldn't describe a conservative as a selfish bastard who would breach the constitution to impose his own values on his fellow citizens. That would be entirely over the top and offensive.

Keep up the good work with the Beacon, I like to get a good laugh once a week. (And seriously, itsucks that anyone would go around stealing the papers. That's just shady... and illegal)

Thu Nov 03, 12:25:00 PM CST

Anonymous Jake said...

It's funny you say that about the Mendota Beacon Mike, cuz I think the same thing about the Madison Observer.

ANYWAYS, don't put too much trust into polls. I know I don't because not once have I been polled for anything. Furthermore, CBS did the poll, one of the very news stations that show a disproportionate amount of 'bad' things happening in Iraq as compared to good things. I understand it's American culture just to show the killings and the bombings and not the school and power plant openings, but if CBS were to poll the people that have actually spent time in Iraq and seen first hand (with no bias, left or right) what is going on, I suspect that the numbers would come out very differently.

Thu Nov 03, 11:50:00 PM CST

Blogger Tim said...

I consider myself right of center and I basically stayed neutral during the launch of the war back in 2003. I was sure we'd be able to kick the Iraq Army's ass but what I was worried about was building a country from its many factions (Kurd, Sunni, Shiite). We are now dealing with these internal issues as well as with all the terrorists. We've spent according to 217 billion dollars. Was it worth the money and lives (both Iraqi and US)? From what I know currently, probably not. Mike's laying out the simple objective opinion polls that show that I am not in the minority. We need to have solid evidence next time if we are going to act preemptively. It's another question whether we should even act preemptively. The socialists who want ROTC off campus are ridiculous but are the people who are protesting the war?

Fri Nov 04, 01:02:00 AM CST

Blogger RT the LT said...


Tue Nov 08, 12:08:00 AM CST

Blogger Jenna said...

Short and sweet and to the point, Bob...nice.

Tue Nov 08, 07:21:00 AM CST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

CBS, AP , NBC, Polls are slanted and biased by the pure political nature of the questions and to whom they choose to call...

Zogby International, owned by John Zogby who by the way is against the war, along with many of the biased media...90% of the media poled said they are "Liberal" or "Democrat"

Therefore one cannot assume that polls taken by such organizations will be fair in the questioned asked...
Then there is the time of day taken, a midweek poll, during a work day...whom do you think would be at home at that time?

Not to mention, majority of those who are young, say in the mid thirties to twenties, no longer own a land line.

500 adults, likely to vote, 57% registered Democrats, 45% registered Ind. 34% Republicans, 20% doesn't know.

In order to swing a poll to read the way the media would like it, the run up before the poll is taken goes like this...
Stories full of Bush administration used forged documents as part of the State of the Union speech for the war in Iraq, not one mention of the same Niger trip in 1999 by Joe Wilson to look into the same intel. Or that his wife sent him on this secret CIA trip then...
Harry Reid, demands a closed door session of the Senate to investigate faulty intel. Not one mention of the same speeches given by Democrats for the reasons to invade Iraq, and remove Saddam in 1998.
All these stories lead up to the final poll, and released to the public via AP, half of Americans do not think Bush is honest.

Which reminds me of the lastest in France, owner of a television station admits that his station did not show burning of cars, riots and destruction of property, because he feared the "Rightwing" party could use this to gain power.

Just some food for thought...

Fri Nov 11, 08:34:00 AM CST


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