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11 October 2005

The Mendota Beacon: In This Issue

For those of you who don't know, the Mendota Beacon is a conservative bi-weekly newspaper at the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a circulation of 5000.

Here is a quick run down of the highlights in this edition:

On the opinion pages, Brad takes a different angle on the abortion debate while Rachel looks at the use of student fees to promote sex. Of course, with the chill in the air, Fall and Halloween are discussed in depth. Finally, the debate every conservative has been having with each other is battled out on the opinion pages: Is Miers the right choice or the wrong choice for the SCOTUS nomination?

Now, some news: The State Senate looks at the smoking ban issue while a group in Madison wants to recall Mayor Dave.

Of course, no Beacon would be complete without a trip to the bubbler.

Update: As of 11am, the Beacon website has had over 600,000 hits since it began in March!!
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Anonymous Ryan S said...

It's not so much a "trip to the bubbler," but a journey of the spirit. LOL

Tue Oct 11, 11:28:00 AM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firtst time viewer, first time writer. Good blog other then open is not upon but we will let it slid. Very profesional. I like the pictures the best. Reading is just to much but looking at the photos help break up the reading. Just kidding. Keep up the good work. You might want to do something about the Waukesha county exec race. Itt is very interesting listening to sykes and Wagner distort Dwyer. If you know anyone who knows Varkas, let that person know that going after the amount of county supervisors is not going to help his
buget. going down to 19 would increase the amount they soend now on 35 and you will not get good people to repersent the county because of the amount of time they would have to spend on different commities. Just a thought.
Thnaks for letting me vent.

Tue Oct 11, 03:03:00 PM CDT


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