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11 October 2005

New Beacon is hot off the presses

Check out UW Madison's finest and only biweekly newspaper. The newest Mendota Beacon is out. I wrote an opt-ed about the Harriet Miers nomination. Here is an excerpt:

We wanted a fight. We wanted to blog about her qualities, we wanted to have rallies, we wanted to watch the talking heads debate the nominee, and I wanted to write a column about liberal hypocrisy in opposing a Supreme Court nominee. The nomination of Harriet E. Miers as the replacement of Sandra Day O'Conner made that all impossible.

There were so many great choices, so many well-known candidates that were openly pro-life and willing to make a strict interpretation of the constitution. Candidates like Samuel Alito, Janice Rogers Brown, Edith Clement, or even Alberto Gonzalez. These are candidates the right can rally around, these are candidates that the constituencies that elected Bush can be happy about. Even an effort to nominate them would be worthwhile. If the Senate Democrats decide to filibuster or obstruct a nominee, then the President could always fall back on a Miers-like nominee, but not before a fight.

I don't know if she is conservative or moderate, but what I do know is that millions of Americans were willing to fight for someone we knew was conservative. Read the whole piece here.

As a side note: The Beacon isonly 5000 hits away from 600,000!! So, check it out today!!


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