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09 October 2005

Best of the Best from the left

In an effort to show the lighter side of the political struggle at UW Madison, I will try to have an in depth look at a super liberal student group from time to time. Today: The ASM Worker's Rights Campaign and their parent organization, SLAC.

Every year, the Associated Students of Madison, the Student Government on campus, puts together a number of "campaigns" that students work on (and student fees are spent on). This year, my favorite by far is the ASM Workers' Rights Campaign.

Their "demands" are hilarious and the worst part is, THEY REALLY BELIEVE THEY WILL BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!! The best one is:

"Birthday as a Holiday
Happy Birthday! Take the day off and spend it with your family!"

They actually want this and are willing to fight for it. For those of you who don't know, this fine campaign is run by the kind folks at the SLAC. The same people that want to MANDATE PAID SICK LEAVE for all businesses in Madison. SLAC(ers) pretty much want to destroy everything red-blooded Americans hold true. Their mission statement sums up their attitude best:

"Here in the US, the 'belly of the beast', we have the unique opportunity to not only support workers fighting for change in their own countries but also struggle against our nation's actions that hurt worker's interests abroad. Working people make up the global majority and united have the power to wrest control of the planet back before the evil, greedy ones completely destroy it."

They are commies who want to destroy capitalism through a global workers revolution. Well, I guess it is reassuring to know that Marxism is alive and well at UW Madison! I wonder if they know about the HISTORY of communism?


Blogger Tim said...

Work during your birthday you lazy bitches. Why should the state mandate that employers work during the day they were born? Go out and celebrate your formal conception out of the womb after your work normal shift. The fact is that the welfare-state activists that run these campaigns think the world is too hard and everybody should be able to hang out and chill out whenever they want to. The real matter is that most people in the world work hard. Whether you are a subsistence farmer in Kenya, a factory worker in Akron, or a investment banker in New York City, the work done by every day folks in the private sector of the world lets these tools get by to get paid and funded for activism. But let them run their campaign and work in the government the rest of their life. This is the only sector they are cut out or even qualified for.

Sun Oct 09, 09:17:00 PM CDT

Blogger monogodo said...

I've never attended school on my birthday, nor have I ever worked on my birthday. I don't take the day off because my birthday is special. To the contrary, I take it off so that it is not special. If I'm not at work, no one can wish me a Happy Birthday. I also won't be embarrassed by everyone singing to me, and the day won't be disrupted by an impromptu birthday party.

Mon Oct 10, 05:25:00 PM CDT


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