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08 October 2005

ASM freshman race turns interesting

Well, here's what's up. The ASM Freshman and SSFC races are next week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and the candidates that are running span the spectrum.

First, there is Monica Sharma, the College Democrat endorsed candidate. Her facebook group profile says it best:

"I am a diverse candidate who would cater to the diverse needs of this campus. oh...and I have double minority status. what what."

"Double minority status"??? What does that mean? Are we not all minorities is some way? Well, she is from the far left wing and if she wins, she will represent about 3 percent of the Frosh class.

Second, there is Kellie Sanders, the left-wing interest group candidate for SSFC. Her facebook group profile has a number of members from WISPIRG on it and she has an utter in ability to spell important words like "candidate" (she spelled it canidate). If you want to have more of your Seg Fees go the WISPIRG, vote for Kellie...other wise, David Lapidus is a great candidate. He is a member of College Republicans AND College Democrats. Although I frown upon the latter, he is a good candidate that knows his stuff.

Now, the good candidates. For Frosh, Sol and Tim are my picks. They know what they are talking about. Sol says it best:

Our Mission: It is our stated position to always Vote to give rights and powers back to the students of Madison, where they belong.

So here are my amateur odds for the election:

ASM Frosh: Sol 350
Tim 300
Other 250

SSFC: David 1230
Morons: 980


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Bob,

I'm kinda upset about this political race and how it is being treated like student council in high school. But I pay for my own tuition and I want someone who will watch where my money goes. I looked up this Sol person that you think will win and he looks like the candidate for me. I looked at the other candidates websites and I can't figure out where they stand. Plus Tim's website kinda creeps me out...

Julie Kadoe

Sat Oct 08, 07:56:00 PM CDT

Blogger RT the LT said...

Yeah, student council in college is very simular to student council in high school. The only difference is that ASM controls 22 million dollars of funds...your high school SC planned prom.

Sat Oct 08, 09:48:00 PM CDT

Blogger Steve S said...

Wow, dang, Tim's page is kinda creepy.

Sun Oct 09, 11:40:00 PM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Kellie Sanders can't spell candidate.

You appear to have difficulty with "inability" and "similar".

Mon Oct 10, 05:27:00 PM CDT


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