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10 October 2005

Hypocrisy of the Left: A critical look at "Critical Mass"

Imagine getting off of work on Friday. You want to get home as soon as possible to be with your family (or if you are in college, start drinking). You get in your car and start driving only to find that traffic is at a stand still. What could cause this hold up in your life? A car crash? Road construction? No, it is far worse...HIPPIES.

Once a month, a bunch of hippies decide that the best way to spend their time is riding their bike slowly in front of traffic throughout Madison during rush hour. They say they want to "reclaim the streets." I just wish for once, they would do some RESEARCH before taking to the streets.

First, do they understand that a large percentage of the GAS TAX goes to pay for those very streets they want to "reclaim"? The last time I checked, those bikes don't pay a lot in Gas taxes. Also, there are BIKE LANES on most of these street, the socialist common council has seen to that. If a road doesn't have a bike lane, nothing stops them from biking in the right lane!

Second, they want to "reduce dependency on motor vehicles to reduce global warming." Ha, again, their tiny hippy brains cannot comprehend basic FACTS. Cars use MORE gas in stop and go traffic than on the freeway! Critical Mass is aiding to smog and the release of more CO2 into the atmosphere.

Madison has over 20 miles of biking trails, yet these folks feel the need to disrupt people just wanting to get home to celebrate the weekend. Poor showing...Poor showing indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid Hippies...and their bikes.

Mon Oct 10, 11:09:00 AM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long live the Communists! And we don't mean the wimpy living-wage, worker-rights variety in the U.S, that only got us the 40 hour work week and workers comp. We're talking about the big boys the world-beater types, you know the SOVIET UNION. They managed to contain the US War Machine for almost 50 years (OK, Korea, Vietnam, Central America excepted). Think Missiles of October, if not for the Soviets, Cuba would be a cinder, no more great cigars and mambo. Think of nuclear tipped missiles that the Hawks are using as bunker busters. Think we'd be tossing out treaties and threatening every regime if the Russkies still had some fight in 'em. The world is sad to see them go. How much terrorism was there against the US when the USSR was around to limit US aggression and provide a much more tempting target for jihadist angst? That's right, when the Russkies were real men, we got to be the allies of Bin-Laden against godless Communism!

Thu Oct 13, 01:27:00 PM CDT


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