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14 October 2005

Bush's approval ratings are better than 7 previous Presidents!

With the MSM attacking Bush's "record low approval ratings" many on the right may be losing faith in the Bush administraton's ability to govern. But a new report has says that the seven previous Presidents had lower approval ratings than GWB.

The low points for recent commanders in chief are as follows:

Bill Clinton: 37 percent
George H. W. Bush: 29 percent
Ronald Reagan: 35 percent
Jimmy Carter: 28 percent
Gerald Ford: 37 percent
Richard Nixon: 24 percent
Lyndon Johnson: 35 percent

But again, the MSM loves bashing Bush and doesn't want anyone to understand how well GWB is really doing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, fine.

GWB's approval rating is higher than past presidents' low points.

I'd be more interested to see how long they were at their low points compared to how GWB is at his low point.

Fri Oct 14, 10:47:00 AM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As dumBob knows, George Bush has the lowest 2nd term poll numbers of any president ever.

Tue Nov 29, 01:31:00 PM CST


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