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11 October 2005

Beacons Stolen! First Amendment? Only for the liberals

There are reports that the latest edition of the Mendota Beacon has been disappearing from around campus. Upon further investigation, the rumors are TRUE! The Editor-in-Chief, Tim Shea, was contacted early in the afternoon with a report from a Econ TA that a stack of Beacons found their way from the front of the 6th floor (where students have class) to the back hallways, where only TAs and Professors linger. Similar reports of Beacon tampering is becoming common place across the campus.

Michael Malcom, an Econ TA, e-mailed Tim complaining that there was a stack of Beacons outside his office. He was not as much helping the Beacon on its quest for intellectual equality, but as a complaint; he was wondering why 100 Mendota Beacons were "delivered to him" and he wanted them removed.

In other acts of "liberal acceptance" the Beacons are covered by other papers and inserts across the campus.

It seems that the first amendment only applies to liberals. When conservatives want to speak out, we are shouted down and our literature is stolen. I wonder what the Dean of Student's office is going to do about this? My guess: the same as always, NOTHING.

If this had been an LGBT or a Black Student Union paper, there would be outrage! The MSM would be flocking to the scene of a hate crime. Freshman would have to take another ethnic studies course to graduate. But this happened to a bunch conservatives. This university will not shed a tear. This university will not help us, nor does it care in the least. If YOU care, contact the Dean of Students and tell her your thoughts:

Offices of the Dean of Students
Phone: 608/263/5700
Fax: 608/265-5646
TTY: 608/263-2400


Blogger Mac VerStandig said...

Wouldn't be the first time newspapers in Madison were lifted as a means of illegal political protest.

What people don't realize is that stealing newspapers is not just a statement against the publication's staff; it is an action that also strikes at the wallets of advertisers.

Behind the First Amendment is a theory that speech, in a laissez-fare context, will sort itself out, with credible ideas rising at the expense of those lacking such backing. To lift newspapers is not only to deny that marketplace of ideas a contribution but also a subtle admission that some are afraid of their thoughts falling victim to those present in a given newspaper. It amounts to little more than an act of intellectual cowardice and is outright shameful.

Wed Oct 12, 07:01:00 PM CDT

Blogger RT the LT said...

Thanks for the input Mac. I agree with you, if these cowards don't like what is in the Beacon, they should start their own.

Wed Oct 12, 11:54:00 PM CDT


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