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07 October 2005

Trick or Treat: The Halloween Debate

Yet again, a campus newspaper has misquoted the Student Council Chair Eric Varney. The Daily Cardinal, in their Ed Board Piece a couple days ago, took Mr. Varney's quote way out of context.

Due to no early planning, they now lack a coherent vision for the annual event. ASM Chair Eric Varney, regarding a vision for Halloween said, "I don't know." Without options to address Halloween, ASM has been unable to bargain with city and university officials, both who have presented visions and policies for Halloween. Essentially, they lost students' seat at the bargaining table on an issue important to students.

First, after talking to Mr. Varney about this subject, he did have a lot to say in regards to Halloween and how to minimize the possibility of riots, but the Ed Board, asking a loaded question like "How are you going to stop riots?" put Mr. Varney in a very difficult situation. To put in bluntly, the Daily Cardinal misrepresented Eric's quote and put him in a bad light, much like the Badger Herald did earlier this summer.

Because all ASM is doing is complaining about not being in the "process" and the Mayor has come just short of issuing Marshal Law, here are some COMMON SENSE solutions for the Halloween Question that the leftist Regime on the City Council should consider (FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR OWN SUGGESTIONS!):

1. Keep bars upon until 5 or 6 in the morning. The riots have occurred AFTER bar-time when drunken patrons are tossed out onto the street. The mayor's plan to close early will prove costly.
2. Less constrictions on movement. The plan this year is snow fences, last year it was the mounted police. This will only end in pepper spray and flex-cuffs.

3. If something does begin (a mosh pit, a small fire), split the crowd in TWO, don't try to corral them. This will only drive them to the level of mob mentality.

4. Protect Businesses and know where the targets are. Use common sense! I have a feeling if there is a riot, the liquor stores will be a target...just a thought.

5. Nothing will happen on Friday night...People know that Mayor Dave may close State Street all together, be prepared for Saturday night.

But, of course the super liberals in control would much rather curtail one's rights and take away personal responsibility than have cheap common sense solutions. Halloween this year won't be as much scary as it is lame.


Blogger Brad V said...

Marshall Law? Is that like the Marshall Plan?

Fri Oct 07, 09:30:00 PM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is that picture from?

Sun Oct 09, 02:41:00 PM CDT

Anonymous Ryan S said...

Closing bars earlier is a very stupid idea. Kudos to your idea on keeping them open to the early morn. Here's another idea, don't even close them.

Mon Oct 10, 02:37:00 AM CDT

Anonymous j-damn said...

*Closing bars earlier is a very stupid idea. Kudos to your idea on keeping them open to the early morn. Here's another idea, don't even close them. *

Here's another idea--don't even open them on Hallowe'en.

That'd teach those punk kids.


Wed Oct 26, 12:46:00 PM CDT


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