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07 October 2005

Green is beating Doyle is latest poll

My friends over at a great point about how the MSM is handling the latest poll that puts Congressman Mark Green in the lead in the Governor's Race!

What is even more interesting is how the Democrats have taken the news. Instead of being positive and running on Doyle's record of...vetoes, they have started to resort to smear tactics.

Targeting Republicans is all the Democrats and the Doyle camp knows, said Wiley. They don't have any ideas for reforming or strengthening Wisconsin, so they resort to playing partisan games and pandering to powerful special interests.

So, being the amateurature odds maker that I am, here are my predictions for the election (a little under a year and a month away):

Walker vs. Green: Even

Green vs. Doyle: Green by 4

Walker vs. Doyle: Doyle by 2


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