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14 October 2005

I'm in Minnesota: check out the Beacon for updates from the game

Yours truly is with with Mendota Beacon sports team in Minnesota to cover the Badgers thrashing of the Gophers. Check the MB throughout the game for live updates and commentary! I have a throat infection, but I don't care...I'm going gambling.
My prediction: Badgers 45; Gophers 35

Update: Well, I was up 75 dollars in Blackjack!! Then I ate, cooled down a little, and lost it all. I ended the evening with a net gain of zero. So, I didn't lose anything, but I think greed got the best of me.

Update part II: Just got back from the game. The wireless WIFI system was DOWN in the Minnesota Press Box and we had no way to update the Beacon Website. As you all know, in one of the greatest moments in Badger sports history, the Wisconsin Badgers Beat the Golden Golphers!!!!!


Blogger Jib said...

You're in Minnesota? I'm so, so sorry for you.

Sat Oct 15, 12:21:00 AM CDT

Blogger RT the LT said...

Don't worry, Jib, I won't catch anything...I'll come back a red blooded Badger through and through

Sat Oct 15, 02:33:00 AM CDT

Blogger Tim said...

There's no blogging on the Beacon website.

Sat Oct 15, 01:54:00 PM CDT

Blogger Brad V said...

I don't see any posts up at the beacon and I didn't get to see the crucial moments. what gives?

Brad V

Sat Oct 15, 03:40:00 PM CDT

Blogger RT the LT said...

See Update part II

Sat Oct 15, 08:07:00 PM CDT


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