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19 October 2005


Well, my student tax dollars are going to fund another anti-war, anti-capitalism rally/teach-in here at UW Madison. The group this time is called Democratizing Education. Their e-mail is very telling. Why are they coming you ask?

Because, everywhere, tuition is skyrocketing. Millions of poor people, primarily people of color, are either shut out of college, or join the military to get in. Student associations and labor unions are under attack. Corporations are setting research and instructional policy. Campus free speech and academic freedom are at risk.

Great, another anti-military and anti-business speaker on this campus. Well, who is speaking at the event you ask? Panels include:

The Crisis in Access & Financing (The Broader Economic Picture; The Free Higher Ed Campaign; Affirmative Action & Tracking)

Education Strikes & Industrial Action (The Quebec Student Strike; Campus Labor: The TAA Strike of 2004; Direct Action on Newly Activist Campuses)

Corporatization (Corporate Racism & Higher Ed; Corporatization & Democratization)

Education Unionism (Student Unionism: The Canadian Model; Students-Workers-Community: Towards Campus Unionism; High School Students & Higher Ed)

Great, so a bunch of Canadians are going to be talking about economic policy and affirmative action. My favorite part is WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL OF THESE PEOPLE TO COME!!

With support from the Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution ( and from the Multicultural Student Coalition, Student Labor Action Coalition, Teaching Assistants Association, Green Progressive Alliance, Rainbow Bookstore Coop, ASM Workers Rights Campaign, and funded in part by the Associated Students of Madison.

The highlighted organizations receive student fees in some way. So I AM PAYING FOR CANADIAN SOCIALISTS TO COME TO MADISON and preach to the choir about socialism and anti-Americanism.

The "marketplace of ideas" is dominated by the left on this campus. They get all the money, they get all of the professional ASM staffers working for them, and they refuse to allow other points of view on this campus. Hypocrisy in action.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right Bobby get our money back!

Thu Oct 20, 07:22:00 PM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left on the campus "get[s] all the money"? This is an exaggerated and false claim Bobby that is easy to assert but impossible for you to prove. That does not stop you from ranting though, does it? The myth that the left dominates anything - even state university campus environments - is a popular falsehood.

Sun Oct 23, 12:58:00 AM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still sore after losing Southworth v. UW? 'Cuz the Supreme Court figured this one out years ago: decisions for funding must be content neutral.

If the left gets "all the money" then they must have superior programming or simply provide a better service for the needs of UW students. If you're so angry, quit blogging and start up a student group worthy of equal funding.

Sun Oct 23, 07:25:00 PM CDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobby do me a favor and say something about this

Sun Oct 23, 10:40:00 PM CDT

Blogger Bill said...


Do you have any idea what percentage of seg-fee money is under the control of ASM? The figure, I believe, is 19%. Thats last year's figure, this years may be lower (I was told 12% by one SSFC member) The rest, of course, is under the control of John Wiley and his corrupt regime.

How about the UW police? Our seg-fee money funds them too, and their guns and battons and handcuffs. These thugs blatantly supress free speech rights, because Wiley has ordered them to. For example, when anti-war activists go to UW career fairs (also paid for by student money) and peacefully protest the prescence of military recruiters, they tell us we have to leave or be arrested. This has already happened twice this school year.

Last spring, John Wiley defended the free-speech "rights" of paid military recruiters, when they aren't even students, and we are!! What is wrong with this picture?

You need to get your priorities straight. If you claim to be fighting for freedom, then start fighting for actual freedom, and stop shilling for a deceptive political agenda claiming to lower seg fees. If you want to lower seg fees, you should start with John Wiley and his corrupt regime. They waste FAR more student money than ASM could even dream of spending.

Mon Oct 24, 09:03:00 PM CDT

Blogger RT the LT said...

Billy boy,
First, show me where in the Seg Fee budget the UWPD are? They are not there. Get your facts strait.

Second, "Do you have any idea what percentage of seg-fee money is under the control of ASM?" ALL OF IT. 36.09(5) and Southworth v. BOR require it. Yes, 19 percent are under the "student services" slot, but every cent must go in front of SSFC for at least an up or down vote.

Third, "when anti-war activists go to UW career fairs (also paid for by student money) and peacefully protest the prescence of military recruiters, they tell us we have to leave or be arrested." You people are RUDE and loud. Peaceful my ass. If intimidation and calling the recruiters "racists" is peaceful. Why don't you let students explore the military for themselves. It is obvious that you don't think they are SMART ENOUGH to make their own decision.

Bill, here is a question for you: what makes you think you are smarter than the average student at that career fair (which, as you noted, I paid for)? Also, what makes you think that I am not smart enough to understand the conequences of Military Service. Please Bill, I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP.

Mon Oct 24, 09:48:00 PM CDT

Blogger Bill said...


Those of us who protest military recruiters at career fairs are peaceful. You can call us "rude and loud" if you want, but I don't recall seeing you at any of our counter-recruitment actions.

Nothing makes me think I am smarter than any other student at the fair. I don't know where you get this idea. We are simply handing out informative literature, explaining the other side of the story that the recruiters aren't telling you. One of the pamphlets was made by Veterans for Peace - people who actually served in the military, and don't want others to make the same mistake. Students are still free to make their own judgements, we are giving them sources to help better inform their judgement.

It appears very obvious to me that you don't believe in free speech. Yet you call yourself "Freedom Fighter" because you have strongly nationalistic views. This is a totally irrational position. Nationalism has nothing to do with freedom, if anything, nationalism is the opposite of freedom. Nationalism is the religion of the state, and the state (in my view) is the anti-thesis of freedom.

And the fact is, military recruitment strategies ARE racist and classist. The statistics say so. Even former recruiters themselves freely admit this -

Further, the military recruiters are in blatant violation of University Policy, namely nondiscrimination against homosexual, bisexual, and transgender individuals for their "don't ask, don't tell." John Wiley himself even admits this, but refuses to enforce UW policy in the case. The police claim that the counter-recruitment protesters are in violation of UW policy, but have refused to tell us what rule we are in violation of so we can correct it.

I don't know what part of the budget UW police funding comes from, because I don't have the budget in front of me since I'm in Mississippi right now helping with hurricane relief. But I do know for a fact that they are paid for by UW student money, perhaps directly out of tuition. The fact that SSFC gets to rubber stamp funding decisions made by bureaocrats in Bascom means very little to me. They do not have any power whatsoever over the details of how that funding is allocated.

If students decided that they don't want UW police having high power assualt rifles (don't recall the name of it, but its a varient of the AK-47) there'd be no way to enact such a policy because its all controlled by Wiley and his administration. The UW police also have 3 fulltime positions just for spying on students!! Talk about a waste of money.

Like I said, you need to get your priorities straight. If you really want lower seg-fees, start with the people who waste it oppressing students, not with those working to empower us with what little resources they have.

Wed Oct 26, 11:50:00 AM CDT

Blogger Bill said...

Bob, here's what you said at the end of this blog post.

The "marketplace of ideas" is dominated by the left on this campus. They get all the money, they get all of the professional ASM staffers working for them, and they refuse to allow other points of view on this campus. Hypocrisy in action.

Excuse me, but who gets all the money? On the federal level, the military does. The University Police, Bascom Hall, and John Wiley do at the UW. I've already established that ASM (a representative body elected by a largely liberal student body) has no direct control over allocating funding for a vast majority of student money. John Wiley does, and we all know he is on your side, since he's good friends with John Gard, Jim Doyle, and all the conservative political elites at the state capital. (Jim Doyle is a conservative. Doesn't matter what party he belongs to. Many of his policies are well to the right of Tommy Thompson's)

Further, your link for "marketplace of ideas" says this:

Rationale for freedom of expression based on an analogy of communication to goods in the economic marketplace. The theory holds that the truth arises out of the competition of ideas in an open market.

Now please tell me Bob... Why are military recruiters, John Wiley, and the UW police so scared of competition to their ideas, from a handful of nonviolent anti-war activists? Why do you defend the UW police and John Wiley repressing our freedom of speech?

And most importantly, who is being hypocritical here? (There's a reason I highlighted "Hypocrisy in action.")

Wed Oct 26, 05:18:00 PM CDT


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