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03 April 2006

New Student Government Moving Forward

The Student Government Blog has just opened pressing forward with taking a cleaner and transparent approach to governance on campus.

Today the ASM referendum portion of the elections have restarted . But many students that have already voted may not be willing to vote again in the candidate portion.

The new Student Government, if it succeeds, may be beneficial for all students.

Brad V. notes:

Even if the Student Government, with its minimalist approach, did nothing while holding the reins of power, students would win. It’s far better to have a student government that does nothing for free than one that does a great deal poorly and expensively. ASM’s classic “breaking the chains” icon seems now to have been an eerie harbinger of its own demise all along. It is the weakest link.

Indeed, if anything this Student Government at least offers an alternative to ASM's multiple failure to hold proper elections.

The Badger Herald's editoral today adds that transparency in a clean government is best reached through simplicity.

The cause of transparency is also aided by simplicity. And as the only necessary objective of a UW student government — once the question of segregated fees is left to the student body itself — is the question of promoting and facilitating shared governance, we believe a minimalist structure would serve this student body best. There is no need for a complex web of committees and campaigns hell-bent on passing meaningless resolutions and bullying the chancellor into black-and-white statements on issues painted in shades of grey. Rather, a basic governmental council meant to facilitate shared governance and a small judicial board to present a much-needed check on power ought to constitute the entirety of the new Student Government.

Sol G, a current Freshman Representative, speaks of ASM's inadequacies first hand here and explain his vision and their comming plans for the future of the Student Government.

Over the coming weeks, the Student Government will be holding listening sessions for you, the students, to air your grievances against ASM. We also welcome ASM members. If you can prove there is something worth salvaging, we invite you to try. We will use your suggestions to craft a constitution that reflects a streamlined, efficient and clean vision of government.

As one of their first steps, it seems that Student Government has asked for a full disclosure of the voting procedures to the campus including how the voting program was used to conduct last week's failed elections. An article from the Daily Cardinal notes:

A group of students constituting a government that seeks to replace Associated Students of Madison demanded a full disclosure of the coding used to run ASM’s faulty elections last week.

I'm sure that many students are looking forward to the result of Student Government's listening sessions and the resulting constitution. This will be the first step to Student Government's legitimacy and promise for transparency.


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