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27 March 2006

Vote No on Both ASM Referendums

Today March 28 at 8 am voting opens online for UW-Madison students at until March 30 at 8 pm.

All students should vote and take into consideration extremely important issues such as tuition fees, textbook programs, and referendums among others when voting for candidates. But most importantly, two major referendums on the ballot may have drastic effects on cost of attending the University. The first is an increase of segregated fees of $96 a semester to pay for renovations at Memorial Union and a new building for Union South. The second is the "Living Wage" referendum to mandate a pay hike of $10.23 an hour for LTE workers.

The Badger Herald editoral board has come out against both referendums on the Union referendum here and the wage hike here. Mike from the Mendota Beacon has an excellent article here. Voting no is one option for students to help keep down the cost of tuition as any extra costs of attending the University.

Many students who are trying to pay their way through college work many hours a week and full-time during summers, without the help of their family, to attend Madison. They do not need the burden of working an additional month part-time to pay for higher segfees. Check out my previous blog on the Union referndum here.

This leads to the second referendum, which would artificially inflate the wages of workers.

The Badger Herald sums up the idiocy of this referendum by asking these questions: "While the imposition of a living wage seems noble in the abstract, its implications need to be considered. Do students scooping Babcock Ice Cream at Memorial Union need a living wage? Does the student swiping IDs at the SERF deserve a wage hike?"

We attend college to learn more skills and obtain higher paying jobs. Certain jobs are higher paid, because they require higher education and skills that the average high school graduate does not have.

We want a system where people are paid for the quailty and difficulty of work they do. This is a reason why college professors deserve more pay than a trash collector. Being a college professor requires more education and skills to specialize in their field to fully teach students that specialization.

People should earn their higher wages through more education or raises for hard work. We all have to start somewhere near the bottom, either mowing lawns, delivering papers, or working at a grocery store--like I did. But all those jobs gave me an incentive to push forward, earn an education, and earn raises for hard work.

This is a society we live in and should live in. Not a fantasy world where we are all paid equally to do any type of work--no matter how much education or skills we have. That stinks of Socialism and Communism. We want our doctors, teachers, and scientists to be paid more for knowing more, because they earned it.

How do we know how much workers should be paid for the skills and education a person has?

We don't know and neither does SLAC. But employers do and they should be allowed to determine how much to pay their workers and not by a faulty mandate.

Vote NO on both referendums.


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