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28 March 2006

Saddam does not care about Iraq

I'm not surprised that Saddam does not care about his own people, but for him to say it straight out is a different story.

Interviewer: This reminds me that in one of your speeches, you said that you would leave Iraq a country without a people.

Saddam Hussein: What is the people worth without Saddam Hussein?! What is it worth? Iraq is entirely Saddam Hussein. "Long live Iraq" means "long live Saddam Hussein." What is Iraq worth without Saddam Hussein?

Interviewer: You keep on with those slogans? You still cling to them...

Saddam Hussein: I was brought up on it. How do you want me to go back on this? Iraqis hear these things about me as soon as they come out of their mothers' wombs. [...] I repeat: Iraq without Saddam Hussein isn't worth two bits. Therefore, it will make me happy if Iraq turns into ashes.

I call to punish 'Izzat Al-Duri, because he burned my heart.

Interviewer: Why, because he published a statement without your permission?

Saddam Hussein: He gave a speech without me knowing it. The punishment that I want for him is to cut off his tongue and ears.

Interviewer: Why cutting off his tongue and ears?

Saddam Hussein: To make him the same as all the renegades whose tongues and ears I cut off. And if 'Izzat Al-Duri continues giving speeches in sign language, like the deaf do, I demand that his hands be cut off. And so on and so forth, until 'Izzat Al-Duri is finished, and we get rid of this degenerate.

Lock him up and throw away the key.


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